System Operation Outsourcing

With the rapid development of computer technology, especially the network technology, the enterprises have established complex network system so that the branch offices throughout the country or around the world can be connected with the headquarter via network. And complex IT application system was constructed to serve for the enterprise business. For many enterprises, IT technology has gone deeper and deeper into the core business of enterprise, affected the strategy making and development of the enterprise, thus the request for the reliability, availability and rapid adaptation is increasing. At the same time, the IT environment (including hardware/software and related technology) has become more and more sophisticated.

Teciu—System Operation Outsourcing

Faced with the intensifying market competition, focusing on the core business has become one of the most important rules of survival for enterprise. Therefore, outsourcing, with its characteristics including effectively reducing cost and improving the core competitiveness of enterprise, has become an important business measure took by more and more enterprise.

IT outsourcing/commission maintenance service is a contractual behavior that an enterprise outsourced all or part of its network system (including network device, physical links, various computer devices, application system) to professional service company, which involves the network’s management, maintenance, monitoring, upgrade, security control, etc.

Nowadays, with the accelerated development of information industry and information technology, how to find the best combination between meeting the business goals and controlling the increasingly high IT costs, is a problem that each enterprise will face and must solve. IT outsourcing has become the best way to solve this problem. Strictly speaking, outsourcing is to hand over the IT department (including device and personnel) to external computer company for management.

According to the results of Corbett Group on outsourcing market by investigating the decision makers of more than 200 very large enterprises, outsourcing has become a strategic means for the enterprise to improve core competitiveness, reduce operating costs and consolidate its market share.

TECIU provides enterprise with strong and professional IT outsourcing services, as well effective guarantee for the information construction and sound development of the enterprise.

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