System Implementation

Shanghai TECIU Co., Ltd. is specialized in IT system integration and service. As the authorized agents for several domestic and foreign manufactures, it is committed to integrating a wide range of products and technologies, so as to design and deliver the most suitable IT systems for clients.

The implementation process of TECIU includes: pre-sales consulting and design, signing of contract, and implementation of project in accordance with ISO project management process. The preparation stage including development of plan and solution, and then after 3 stages, which are system installation and debugging, system testing and commissioning, carried out according to plan, the final stage is acceptance reception.

TECIU—System Implementation

Pre-sales Consulting and Design
In the early stage, our pre-sales technical staff will have a detailed understanding of the demand of the client, investigate the situation of the client’s system, and confirm the construction target for the client’s system. Finally, complete the preparation of the system design program based on the target recognized by the client.

Preparatory Stage
Project manager initiates the project, forms implementation team, prepares implementation program and implementation plan.

System Installation and Debugging
Project engineer completes the software and hardware installation, stand-alone device debugging, and system joint debugging based on the implementation plan and implementation program.

System Testing
According to the system testing program in the preparatory stage, conduct testing for the debugged system. The testing includes device condition inspection, device and system function verification testing and system performance testing. Record the test results of the test program in detail to form the test report, and confirm that the system is in normal condition, all function and performance indicators meet the design requirements after the implementation so as to ensure the achievement of construction target.

The project will enter into commissioning stage after passing all tests. Before the system is put into the production operation, it will be put into small-scale or analog production operation for a period of time, so as to discover potential problem, and provide opportunity for adjustment before the formal operation. During the commissioning, the engineer of TECIU will pay attention to the operation condition in real time, fill in the record of commissioning, and provide commissioning report after commissioning stage.

Acceptance Inspection
After the commissioning, if the system is proved to achieve the construction target and be in good operation, the system can be inspected for acceptance. In this stage, the system, as well as a complete set of project documentation will be delivered to the client.

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